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Special Handling for Delicate Laundry

Dallas Laundry Service Washes Delicates With Care

When it comes to delicates, the experts at The Washouse Laundry service in Dallas understand that not all fabrics are created equal. We take special care with delicate items so you can feel 100% confident that even the most fragile items entrusted to us for cleaning will be returned in original condition – plus looking clean and smelling fresh!

What Are “Delicates”?

The term “delicate” in laundry can refer to a range of items. The items may be made of an extremely lightweight, easily damaged fabric, for example. You can spot a delicate just by handling the garment, when the item easily stretches, tears or fades.

You may see warnings on the item’s tag that says “hand wash” or “dry clean only” or even “do not dry clean.” Don’t take a chance on ruining your valued garments and linens. Let the experienced laundry team at The Washouse handle your delicates with care.

Our laundry service does whatever it takes to protect delicates:

• Gentle machine washing in cold water
• Hand washing
• Air drying
• Dry cleaning
• Gentle detergents
• Trust Your Linens and Delicates to The Washouse

When you have delicate laundry items, you can feel confident in our Dallas SMU-area laundry service for pickup and delivery or drop-off service, as well as dry cleaning and alterations.

Cash and All Credit Cards Accepted

Contact your local Dallas and SMU laundry experts today at The Washouse Laundry for assistance with delicate laundry service, or call (214) 220-4563.

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