Dry Cleaners in Dallas

Dry Cleaners in Dallas

Dallas Laundry Service Also Provides Dry Cleaning

With the variety of fabrics used today, laundering alone is not sufficient. Look at the care tags on garments and bedding to check for the “Dry Clean Only” symbol (shown at right). Obviously, you need both laundry and dry cleaning, but there’s no need to shop around for a dry cleaner when you have The Washouse Laundry dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaners Serving SMU Area in Dallas

The Washouse dry cleaning service is known for reliability as well as convenience. Just ask the thousands of Dallas residents, SMU students and faculty members whom we’ve served with speed and accuracy over the years. Drop off your dry cleaning, or simply relax and let us run that errand for you via our pickup and delivery service.

Next-Day Dry Cleaning For:

• Shirts
• Pants
• Uniforms
• Dresses
• Suits
• Ties
• Formal Wear
• Bedding
• Specialty Items

What Is “Dry Cleaning”?

A variety of solvents are used to help remove stains from fabrics. These solvents are actually liquid at the start of the process, so dry cleaning is not technically dry. The science of removing stains from fabrics began in ancient times. “Fullers” used clay, lye, and ammonia, before petroleum-based dry cleaning was introduced.

Today, a safe, nonflammable solvent called perchloroethylene (or perc) is used in many dry cleaners. Hydrocarbon, Green Earth, and other safe cleaning solutions are being introduced all the time to this industry. In the process of dry cleaning, the cleaning agent is vaporized along with the impurities from the surface of your items.

Never worry about how to clean your clothing and specialty items – just let The Washouse take care of it for you!

Dry cleaning might not solve every stain problem because some stains become embedded or the fabrics are too delicate to treat. We can help you check care labels and determine the best method of cleaning for every individual piece.

Cash and All Credit Cards Accepted

Contact the Washouse for more information about our Dallas dry cleaning services. Or give us a call at (214) 220-4563 to find out about our wash and fold laundry services.

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