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Pickup/Delivery or Drop-Off Laundry Options

Many people say they are too busy to do laundry, but actual statistics indicate the true time-consuming nature of this common chore. Instead of spending an average of seven to nine hours a week doing laundry at home, why not let The Washouse Laundry do the job while you make the most of that precious time? Our Dallas SMU laundry service offers a variety of fast, affordable options to meet your needs.

Easy & Affordable Laundry Service

SMU students, faculty and local Dallas residents have been enjoying laundry service from The Washouse for more than 20 years. Our employees are professionals, known for their speed, reliability, and discretion. We never compromise on cleanliness. Whether we come to you or you choose to bring your laundry to us, the results are always excellent. Choose from several different laundry services offered for your convenience:

Bundle Service with Pickup & Delivery

• $2.75 per pound
• No minimum
• Free pickup and delivery
• Delivery route service

Drop Off Wash and Fold Laundry

• $1.39 per pound
• 10 pound minimum
• Same-day rush service available*

Delicates and Specialty Services

• Air dry
• Hand wash
• Rugs
• Large comforters

Commercial Laundry Service

• AirBnb
• Hotels
• Fitness studios
• Healthcare clinics
• Spas
• Restaurants and Bars
• Uniforms

Cash and All Credit Cards Accepted

To learn more about our Dallas laundry services, contact The Washouse or give us a call (214) 220-4563

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